Elize Endhart is a totally professional and extremely dedicated beautician/therapist. I have known her for many years, and have no hesitation in endorsing this extremely nice and competent woman. She would never let anyone down, and therefore can always be relied upon. Her skills as a beauty therapist are amongst the best I have ever come across in many years of going to beauty salons.

Janet Tanous, former client at Elegance Beauty Clinic

Posted: 18 August 2016

Elize has been my beautician for at least 6 years now. Manicures, pedicures, eye brow shaping, facials – all professionally and expertly done. Nails are stronger, eye brows perfect, skin glowing. But even better, Elize has a wonderful calmness about her which really puts me at ease and I quickly relax from the day’s stresses. Friendly, open and completely trustworthy. No hesitation in recommending her!

Sarah, Central London

Posted: 16 August 2016

I met Elize 9 years ago at the Elegance Beauty Salon in London Bayswater, just after my husband had died and I was in a desperate state, physically and mentally. I had completely neglected my beauty regime! Elize was instrumental in getting me back to look after myself and with her advice and wonderful and professional treatments I felt so much better again. 

When she left the Salon and started to work in the Chelsea Spa I followed her even though it took me much more travelling time to reach the new work place. Whether it is massage, facials, pedicure or manicure, Elize does everything with so much skill and care that one feels rejuvenated after every treatment.

When she was made Manager of the Angelica Retreat in Islington, the travel time to reach her was almost 1 1/2 hour for me but nevertheless I would not go anywhere else for my beauty regime.

I am very grateful to Elize for all her advice in beauty matters and equally her loyalty and friendship .

Sybille Baptista, client and friend

Posted: 10 August 2016

You are a pleasure to work with as your professionalism is refreshing , all our clients from the independents to the corporate have given great feedback with further requests for more work. Here at SAS ( Salon and Spa) Recruitment we will be delighted to assist and recommend you to our clients. Wishing you all the very best with you further career developments.

Anna & Chris, SAS Recruitment

Posted: 10 August 2016

Elize did my beauty treatments for a few years and is a perfectionist. Her manicures and pedicures are the best and I would recommend her to anyone because she does such an amazing job.

Jenni Arksey, CEO Goose, Former client

Posted: 10 August 2016

Being a newly qualified beauty therapist is not only exciting but it can also be terrifying. You imagine situations in your head; what if I don’t know enough for the company, what if I can’t sell to my customers etc. When I got my first job as a therapist I was not looked after or treated nicely. I felt down and wondered if I made the correct decision on my career. I decided not to give up on this new career and decided to apply for a spa therapist which is where I met my mentor Elize. I instantly connected with my new team and Elize took me under her wing. She gave me tips on approaching clients, how to sell and rebook to help make a profit for the spa and also shared her secrets on how to give a 5* treatment and service to my client. Not only did I consider Elize as my colleague she also became my friend; she was there for me when I was feeling down, supported me when there was a difficult client and also gave me advice to pretty much conquer the world. I believe Elize made me the therapist that I am today through her passion for the beauty industry. She is one in a million!

Ciara O’Brien, Former colleague, The Chelsea Day Spa

Posted: 10 August 2016

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Elize has been my beauty therapist for many years, And I’ve chased her from salon to salon. Why ? She is the most wonderful therapist I have ever had, her skills in skin and beauty care are second to none.. Elize is exceptional knowledgeable on what products worked best for my skin. She brought my poor skin back from the brink of dehydration and paper thin to something I can only say is “Dewey “!! Elize’s gift as a therapist is to look at the “whole person”, she seeks out what might be causing the skin problem- stress, diet,lack of sleep, too much sun exposure,not just “here’s a product that might work”. I have never left a session with Elize feeling anything other than “cared for” and that feel good factor. She is truly a remarkable therapist and her warm, calm, and professional self comes across whenever I meet her.. Lastly, Elize never pushes products on you. A rarity I think in the beauty industry. She only recommends products that a) are right for YOUR skin and b) she has tried on herself so if Elize suggests a product you can bet it will work and it does !! At the moment love the REN products you recommended for me..


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