Elize About ~ This autumn’s favourite gel colors

Many people don’t know that I have an extensive background as a nail technician. I trained with #nailsystemsinternational many moons ago. I used to love creating beautiful nails from scratch! Some years ago I sadly discovered that I am unable to continue doing nail extensions owing to a number of negative reactions I was having to the products – guess it comes from years of over exposure

When Shellac launced on the market it was still unknown but also became popular very quickly. Because unlike nail extensions it is much kinder to your nails if it is applied and removed correctly. In my search to find products that doesn’t make me react negatively, I found 3 brands that stand out for me from the rest – they are easy to remove and kind to the nails (and also me! 😁)

The brands that I use are #ibdjustgelpolish #jessicageleration and recently introduced #artisticcolorgloss (which I have worked with before and loved 💜) So as we are breaking into Autumn 🍁 I am so excited to introduce 4 popular colors used this season by #ibdjustgelpolish

1. Weeping Willow

2. Smokey Plum

3. Mocha Pink

4. Iceberg

~ Elize ~

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