My therapy business rebranding

Hi all my lovely readers, I am so sorry for depriving you lately of my blog articles. It has been all with good reason. Since I went into being a sole trader of my own business things have been taking off by storm. I have been very busy with multiple projects (I don’t even want to go into detail about all the work I am doing at the moment)

Anyway, one of the things that has happened recently is the rebranding of my therapy business. I had to think long and hard about it and I came to the decision that Elize About Beauty should go back to what I intended it to be – a beauty, health and holistic blog. Thinking up a new name for my therapy business proved difficult as it took endless hours of searching for available names, well at least ones that will allow me to use the word Elysian.

I love the word Elysian. It expresses the desire I have in me to give others a little peace of heaven. Coincidentally it seems that the name comes from my own, but like I say, it’s coincidence 🙂 Elysian is actually an ancient greek word meaning: heavenly, peaceful, tranquility.

So I finally found a brand name which I am happy with and essentially I wanted to create a simple yet expressive logo and color theme that goes with who I am. I was drawn to a purple theme and wondered how it is that I didn’t choose blue since it is my favourite color. So I went and did a web search on why I like purple and violet as well

“Having either purple or violet as your favorite color means you are sensitive and compassionate, understanding and supportive, thinking of others before yourself – you are the person others come to for help – being needed motivates you but sometimes people take advantage of you” Empowered by Color

Well, that kind of says it all then….

So, I am very excited, (although I won’t lie that I am knackered after all the late nights and long days getting everything to look presentable but not too faffy)….

Here is my new therapy business, introducing Elysian Therapies 💜

Lovely isn’t it? You can find my lovely and shiny new website by going to

As always, thank you for reading (and also for sticking around 😉)

~ Elize ~

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