Elize About ~ Do you know when your make up expires?

Ever wondered when your make-up expires? This image has been doing the rounds on the internet and with very good reason!

With food and drink we are so used to seeing an expiry date on the products, so at least we know when they expire. But how do we know when our cosmetics and everyday face, body and hair products expire?

As soon as you start using the new product, the expiration starts. This is because air and bacteria enters the products as soon as you open it for use. Make sure to make a note of when you started using the products so that you know when to throw it away.

Top tips:

  • Make sure you always wash your hands after foundation before touching the bottle again. This is to minimise bacteria being transferred from skin.
  • Always replace the cap on products to avoid over exposure to air and bacteria
  • Keep cosmetics, perfumes and other everyday products away from Direct sunlight and in cool places below 20 degrees celsius
  • Always keep cosmetics clean – eyebrow pencils, eyeliner and lip liner can be sterilised by sharpening them with a sharpener
  • Stop using mascara that goes gloopy or clumpy – chances are good they have had too much exposure to air and bacteria
  • Wash cosmetic brushes and sponges daily to avoid bacterial build up on skin
  • Do not share make-up sponges and brushes with other persons
  • If you are prone to cold sores, do not use lip sticks, lip gloss or other lip balms until it has cleared.

~ Elize ~

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