Elize About ~ 5 Causes of breakouts you probably didn’t know about

Many of my clients this past winter came with one particular concern to me – unwanted or unexpected breakouts. Some of these clients normally have little or no spots, but started breaking out on areas of their skin where they have never had it before. After a thorough consultation on their concerns, many of the conclusions we came to were the less obvious ones

1. Wrapping up in a woolley hat and scarf

The last thing that cross our minds are that these snuggly items of clothing can be a cause of breakouts. Now imagine this – we wear make-up everyday, or if not, we are exposed to impurities and pollution daily. When we get home in the evenings we put all our clothes in the laundry basket to be washed – but not out scarf and hat everyday. This means that a lot of invisible bateria builds up in the fabric and every time we wear these garments, it intoduces more impurities to our skin. Secondly, the warmth that is achieved with these garments causes the skin to not breathe properly and this also contributes to congestion and spots.

2. Excercise with make-up

Ok, so we all want to look good when we work out, but do we really want to compromise on our skins general health? As we excercise our pores open to release sweat to cool the body down. Now imagine make-up or other impurities mixing with sweat and going into our pores – not a good combo! To avoid breakouts and congestion, it is best to do a gentle cleanse and tone before breaking a sweat.

3. The man beard

If your partner has facial hair, chances are good his gorgeous fluff is one of the contributors to breakouts. Although men with beards are generally particular about keeping their stash under control and keeping it clean, the reality is that it picks up a great deal of dust, pollen and other impurities throughout the day. But, if you don’t mind getting up close and personal with beard man, then don’t mind the spots 😋

4. Resting your face in your hands

Ever felt a bit bored or tired and before you know it you are resting your face in your hands? Our hands carries a lot of bacteria, irrespective if we wash them regularly. Although is difficult to avoid this typical human habit, pay attention to it and try and make a conscious effort to not touch the face too often.

5. Poor digestion

Poor digestion is one of the biggest causes of breakouts. This is because the body is not getting rid of toxins sufficiently. Build up of these toxins contributes to bad breath, body odour and skin congestion. The best remedy for this is to start the day off with a cup of boiling water and half a sliced lemon. Excercise also helps a great deal with poor digestion.

So there you have it, 5 things that you probably didn’t know causes breakouts.

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Thanks for reading

~ Elize ~

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