Elize About ~ Free Radicals

Remember when you were in science class and it was a day when the teacher covered molecules. Free radicals came up in that lesson, but you didn’t pay attention or try to remember the details beyond your exams. Well, that was me at the age of 15. Little did I know just how much of an important part science would play in my career.

Over the past 5 years, the subject of free radicals came up quite frequently in conversation as I was recommending products and treatment advice to my clients. Not many people, including myself, really understood how they affect our health and well being. At some stage over these years, everyone would have heard about free radicals especially when it comes to skincare and health. The science behind it is simple yet so complex to explain.

What are free radicals and how does it affect my skin and health?

Free radicals, in simple terms, is an atom, molecule or ion that has unpaired valence electrons. These unpaired electrons make free radicals highly chemically reactive towards other substances (definition source Wikipedia) 

The chemically reactive electrons are found in everything we touch, everything we consume, everything we breathe. Pollution carries a great deal of free radicals around and this in turn not only affects our health, but also the youth of our skins. Free radicals have been found to be one of the number one causes of premature ageing of the skin and skincare companies soon came to discover that they need to find a way to slow down this ageing process.

Over the years, I have worked with skincare companies that very much wanted to address this ageing process in our skins by sourcing and using the right product ingredients as skincare defense. I was happy to find the benefits that these products had, but then it also dawned on me that although using fabulously effective skincare products, we need to fight free radicals another way too. One of the essential ways in protecting the skin and body against free radicals is by giving your body the right defenses, through a healthy diet and by adding micro nutrients such as antioxidants through regular supplementing. You may tell me that you are as healthy as a horse and you have never supplemented or never had the need to, but the reality is that by taking care of your skin and body now, you will thank your younger self when you are 50+ years and older. With today’s innovations, we can slow down our skin’s ageing processes and look and feel younger for longer.

My recommendation for protection against free radical damage and premature ageing

After my continued research into finding a company that can deliver what they promise, Nu Skin has ranges and supplements to target the ultimate sources of ageing. I searched for the right supplements and skincare combinations and I cannot fault what they have to offer. And everyone I know that have used their products have not looked back.

How can you find out more?
Simply email me at elize@elizeaboutbeauty.com for more information and to set up a free consultation to discuss your concerns with a tailored skincare plan. I look forward to hearing frim you!

As always, thank you for reading!

~ Elize ~

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