Elize About ~ My skin feels fussy – Part 1

Since leaving my job 2 weeks ago one thing in particular has been affecting my skin – being out of routine. Getting used to my new job and new work hours, I have also found myself being particularly busy and forgetting to eat my healthy snacks during the day. It really has become a case of grabbing the not so healthy foods on the go. 

Besides not being all so smart with my food choices the last 2 weeks, I also ended up doing a lot less excercise and not drinking enough water. Needless to say my body and my skin feels utterly rubbish and I am tired, so.damn.tired. Of course a bad diet leads to bad digestion and water retention which causes lethargy and breakouts. So a few days ago I got back on my fruit and nuts, having more water and herbal teas and cutting out the oh so lovely muffins at the coffee shop I pass every morning. I am gradually starting to feel better.

All of this got me thinking about why so many of the clients I meet have problematic or fussy skin. And I realised that life is demanding. We all have to work, we all have to make a living, some of us have to provide for others, some have kids that requires attention 24/7, some have elderly parents to look after, some travel a lot for work – we as humans are all too busy. And we focus so much on everything and everyone else around us because sometimes we have no other choice. But, even with a busy schedule there are ways things can be done do help improve your skin with a few simple lifestyle and routine changes.

1. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables

Healthy skin often starts by eating healthy. We all get told to have our 5 a day of which 3 should be veg and 2 fruit. Fruits and vegetable are packed with vitamins and minerals essential to one’s health. Besides this, it is full of anti-oxidants to maintain a healthy immune system and healthy skin tissue.

2. Drink enough water

Our skins are made up of almost 70% water and acts as a barrier to protect us against excess fluid loss. However drinking a lot of water won’t erase wrinkles and fine lines. Inadequate consumption of water causes dehydration which will cause skin to look more dry and wrinkled. These inadequate amounts also causes poor digestion, especially constipation, which makes skin more prone to breakouts from toxins or impurities not being flushed from the system. Water is also important for delivering essential nutrients to skin cells

3. Sleep

Lack of sleep affects the way our skins look. When sleeping, skin renews itself overnight and forms new and healthy skin cells. This is why it is also important to have a good skincare routine and use the right kind of products before going to bed.

4. Good skincare

Good skincare starts by taking care of the basic things. As I was sitting here last night starting to type up this article, I had a purifying mask on my face (she tells the world in all her glamour) Sometimes that is all you need to do. Put your mask on and you can still go about doing things while it gets to work. It doesn’t take an hour to apply skincare products, it’s as simple as cleansing while you bath or shower, followed by gently blotting skin with a toner and following with an eye product and face serum or moisturiser. It needn’t  be a chore.

5. Excercise

I never thought this would be the case, but excercise is also very good for the skin. It increases blood flow which carries oxygen and nutrients to all working cells, including those in the skin. The blood flow also works at getting rid of toxins and free radicals from active cells. Contrary to belief, excercise doesn’t detoxify the skin, that will be down to the liver doing that part. But what excercise does do is to help flush out impurities from the system, almost like an internal cleanse.

A few things can dramatically improve the health and appearance of our skins. In my next instalment I will talk a bit more about how my skin has improved over the past 10 years through health, diet and skincare changes.

Thanks for reading!

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