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Make up is always a hot topic in female conversation – until you talk to me. Being a beauty therapist you may ask me how I don’t show much enthusiasm for make up and all I can say is that I tend to stick with the basics.

Don’t get me wrong. About 10 years ago, especially the early years after my beauty school days, it was drilled into my mind to wear full make up, the beauty lecturers scrutinised our appearance every day. So it had to be foundation, powder, blusher, eyebrow pencil, eye shadow, eye liner, lip liner, lipstick and mascara. That was my daily face. I became so used to it that I could not bear being seen without makeup. One thing bothered me though – that I didn’t feel like I could look good and natural with less makeup. Wrong.

Less is more…

Towards my late 20’s I decided that I will give wearing less makeup a try. It was difficult, but I persevered. 

  • Foundation – I started by changing my foundation for a lighter tinted moisturiser, also known as BB Cream. This took some time to get used to but for the last 6 years, this is all I have used. My personal favourite is REN Skincare’s BB Cream SPF15
  • Eyes – I stopped using eye shadow as no matter what I used, my eyes would sting and become runny towards the end of the day. I decided to stick with an eye liner and mascara and it took some time to find products that doesn’t irritate my eyes. A friend gave me an eyeliner and mascara from Eyeko as a gift back in 2014 and after that I was sold and have not used anything else since then. The mascara and eye liner doesn’t smudge and looks great all day. The mascara I am using is the skinny brush mascara http://www.eyeko.com/mascara/eyeko-skinny-brush-mascara and their liquid eyeliner
  • Blush – I decided to get away from the usual blusher and give a bronzer a try. At first I used it liberally, but soon realised that I am making my cheeks look like polished apples, so I stopped being heavy handed on my application and do just a lighter dusting over my cheeks and a little contouring over the bridge of my nose, forehead, neck and décolletage, this gives a natural radiant glow.
  • Brows – as I got older, my eyebrows started fading in color, but also a lot of the hairs started dropping out. I can’t remember when last I needed to pluck my eyebrows. I have never overly plucked them, but always maintained a nice shape until they became gappy for reasons unexplained. So I had to sadly start relying on an eyebrow pencil. I generally just use this to fill the gaps and add a little colour to my brows to give them a natural shape
  • Lips – all hail the good old lip stain! This is a life saver for me! I never liked wearing lip stick because it would always smudge or fade too much. As I  drink a lot of water, lipstick always got stuck to my glass and I needed to touch it up constantly. It was becoming a real pain. Then I discovered lip stain and I never looked back. This is such a great thing to have. It comes in the shape of a board marker and you can use the tip to act as a lip liner, then it can be used to fill the rest of the lips. What’s great about it is that it stays dry and doesn’t fade quickly. I won’t recommend using it though if you have very dry lips and even if you don’t have dry lips, I would suggest not wearing it every single day as lips kan become dry from it.

Make-up is a great addition to anyone’s beauty kit, we don’t have to look fake by our application. At least for me, I prefer to use make-up to look as natural as possible. 

What is your can’t-live-without make-up essentials? Please comment on this post and let me know! ~ Elize

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