Elize About ~ Skin types: Normal skin

There are many articles about normal skin, however when it comes to describing this type of skin, it almost seems like it doesn’t even exist.

Normal skin would probably be considered as perfectly flawless with no particular concerns or problems. For instance, the slightest oily shine on a small part of your face won’t mean that you have oily skin and by using products for oily skin this may make the skin go dry. Likewise, if you have dryer areas on the skin and using products for dry skin, this may feel too heavy or rich.

So how can you identify normal skin?

  • You wouldn’t describe your skin as oily, dry, sensitive or combination, it just feels and looks balanced
  • The occasional breakouts, dryness or oiliness can easily be resolved
  • Beauty therapists would tell you that your skin is just perfect
  • You have no particular concerns about your skin
  • The skin feels comfortable and not tight, greasy or congested
  • You have visible pores, but they are not obvious or enlarged
  • Your skin texture feels smooth
  • You have minimal signs or lines and wrinkles
  • Almost no pigmentation or age spots

Even when having normal skin, it is still important to care and look after it. It is also important to have a facial every few months to have your skin analysed so that your therapist can discuss the different products you are using, ensuring that you do not create skin concerns, such as oiliness, for yourself. 

Normal skin is usually the type of skin where you can not really point out any particular concern, but this doesn’t mean that skin concerns won’t arise. Concerns, such as breakouts, can surface due to a hormonal imbalance or oiliness, dryness or sensitivity can occur due to using the wrong types of products. Sun exposure is also something to be diligent about in your skin care. We are exposed to UV rays daily, wether the sun shines or when it rains, so in the long term skin still needs to be cared for when it comes to UV exposure.

How do you care for normal skin?

  • To ensure you give your skin the right nutrients and nourishment to stay in great condition for as long as possible, use gentle products that will not create future problems for your skin, ideally the types that are designed to protect your skin and keep it young and supple for longer
  • Always use an SPF30 to prevent sun damage and pigmentation
  • Use gentle products that contain Vitamin C and other anti-oxidants to prevent premature ageing which is predominantly cause by polution and free radicals
  • Use products containing a mild percentage of lactic acid to gently exfoliate skin. Lactic acid is naturally found in our skins and this is one of the milder, more natural Alpha Hydroxy Acid to use on skin – in moderation of course. Once a week is usually enough.

Normal skin can unfortunately change thanks to a number of factors such as ageing, sun damage, hormonal changes, climate, stress and diet. But while it is normal, look well after it because it’s a rare skin type and one that would make you look great for longer.

Was this post informative or would you like to have more advice on your normal skin? Drop me an email at elize@elizeaboutbeauty.com or comment in the comment box.

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