Elize About ~ Skin types: Combination Skin

As mentioned in my post from a few days ago, there is a difference between oily and combination skin. Combination skin, on most occasions, has an oily T-zone and is dryer on other areas of the skin. Combination skin is often times a complex skin type and can prove difficult to choose the right products. Over my career I realised that there are two types of combination skin: Oily-combination and Dry-combination. 

Sometimes the consumer gets confused about which products to purchase for their skin type, but if one pays careful attention to the description, the products will state “For Oily Skin” or “For Oily-Combination skin”. To my knowledge you won’t find products that states “For Dry-combination” however I have found that products that states “For Combination skin” are usually suitable for dry-combination skin types.

So what would be the most suitable things to do to look after a combination skin?

1. Use a less astringent face wash

There are many cleansers on the market, but some gel cleansers has a very drying effect on skin. It is usually best to use a water based milk cleanser or a gentle foaming wash and something that doesn’t contain witch hazel or alcohol.

2. Exfoliate

As mentioned in my post about oily skin, too much exfoliation stimulates sebum glands and in turn it causes the skin to over produce oil, however this is very good for lifting dead skin cells and purifying pores. It is best to only exfoliate a maximum of 3 times a week whilst also concentrating more on the dryer areas as this will relieve the dry tight feeling as well as enabling your moisturiser to absorb better. Some companies would suggest using products that contain AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) such as glycolic acid, and when used in low perecentage levels (2-5%) it is usually safe to use a few times a week.

3. Use a toner after cleansing

A not too astringent toner is effective in refining pores where it needs to and balancing the PH of the skin. The best toner for any combination skin is a alcohol free Refreshing Toner.

4. Get rid of those pores refining nose strips!

Just today I had a lady walk into my work place and she needed advice on why the skin on her nose is peeling so much. After asking her the right questions I discovered that she uses pores strips over her nose every one to two days “Nooooo!” was all I could scream in my head. Having used these in my mid twenties, I soon realised that the only thing they do is rip off layers of my skin thanks to the really sticky adhesive, this also in turn causes over production of oil. Avoid them!  There are many safer products to use on the market like pore refining masks and gels.

5. Always moisturise

Many consumers think that moisturising oily and combination skins are a no-no due to all the oil production, but I can definitely say having oily skin does not mean your skin is hydrated. The oil on the skin’s surface has no replenishing actions and in a sense only forms a skiny barrier on the skin. You may find that with combination skins you would need two different moisturisers, however this would apply to more extreme concerns. For oily areas a light lotion (water based) is sufficient and dryer areas a cream (oil based) is suitable. In addition there are some really good gel creams on the market that works well for combination skin, whilst a light face serum is often times all you need. It’s best to pick up a few samples at a store and trying out your different options.

6. Use a light foundation

There are so many great alternatives to foundation these days. I personally weaned of them about 6 years ago because everything I used made my skin very greasy. There are some great BB creams and tinted moisturisers on the market which gives a much more natural effect. Tinted moisturisers are overall better for combination skin types as these hydrate a little bit better than BB creams.

7. Don’t go to sleep with make-up on

Your skin renews itself while you sleep and having make-up and impurities from pollution exposure on your skin over night is a bad decision. Apart from resulting in congestion and breakouts, this is also a huge contributor to premature ageing on skin. So make the effort to cleanse thoroughly before going to bed. You’ll thank yourself one day.

Have any questions about your skin type and need some advice? Comment below or feel free to email me at elize@elizeaboutbeauty.com

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