Elize About ~ The benefit of massage

It wasn’t long ago that I decided to join the spa industry from the salon industry. Most people would think it will be an easy transition, but quite frankly I found it a little difficult to get used to at first. Coming from being in a busy and fast paced environment, I am suddenly in the quiet, cozy and dimly lit work space. I haven’t exactly worked in spa’s with saunas, full body mud wraps and and all kinds of detoxifying treatments. But I have however been introduced to an important aspect of the spa service industry – massage.

During my 2 and a half years working at a spa in Chelsea, the majority of clients I had was for Deep Tissue massage. I loved it. Every time someone came in with a complaint of tightness and general tension, I could not wait to get into those muscles and loosen them up. It wasn’t until I started developing lots of back, neck and shoulder discomfort myself from performing these treatments, that I realised just how important it is to have regular massages. And from my own experience I can honestly say that it had changed my life.

So here are 10 reasons why massages, especially deep tissue massage, is beneficial to your overall well being

1. Reduces stress and tension

2. Improves posture

3. Improves sleep

4. Helps with overall circulation

5. Massage is detoxifying

6. Helps with breathing

7. Reduces fatigue

8. Is relaxing

9. Improves mobility

10. Contributes to mental health

I highly recommend massage as part of your self care routine. With today’s stresses and increased pressure both professionally and personally, we all owe it to ourselves to take better care of our bodies, and massage is where it can start.

Elize is a Health&Skincare therapist with a background in both boutique spa and salon. She gained experience in many areas of the industry and joined her knowledge and personal experiences to share on this side. She is passionate about helping others to look better after themselves in a time when we forget who is most important to us – ourselves. By writing these insights, she hopes to reach individuals to rethink their lifestyle and make that ever important choice to become healthier and happier. Please like, share and comment.

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