Passionate About Beauty

Growing up in South Africa, I was the typical young girl, shy, introverted but not afraid to get my feet covered in mud or sitting high up in a tree looking at the world. I wasn’t a tomboy, but I wasn’t your typical girly girl either. Yes, I became interested in nail polishes with funky colours and make up which now, looking back, had been terribly applied with all the colours that were totally wrong for me.

I wasn’t particularly slim either and it contributed to low self esteem and self criticism. I wasn’t being healthy in my food choices and this of course lead to weight gain and bad skin, often times resulting in me being victim to bullying and mockery causing lots of disgruntled feelings and resentment. So, I thought I must be ugly, I must be all they say I am, I must be really horrible. It wasn’t until we had different colleges and universities starting to host open days at my high school, that I came across a stand where they were handing out leaflets for beauty therapist careers. This had never crossed my mind before, I mean, I hate all that fake girly girl nonsense and “oh I am so beautiful” personalities, but I thought what the heck, I can just ask what it involves.

I went home that night to tell my mum that I want to study for a beauty therapist. I will never forget how excited she was when I told her,  her face spoke a million words of how she is imagining me finally wearing dresses and looking more like a lady. Funnily enough all I could think about was how excited I was to study Anatomy&Physiology and bits of nutrition and science. It was only during different stages of my career, that I discovered so many great aspects of the industry I chose, it led me to understand just how much it had changed and moulded me into the person I am today.

My biggest rewards have especially been the many interesting people I met along the way and how, alongside my skills, being caring and affectionate changed their lives. It is also down to me dedicating plenty of time to one of these wonderful clients I became friends with, that I know my husband today. Over the years I realised that I have been meaning a lot more to my clients than what I gave myself credit for and it is all down to just how much I truly care about everyone. People’s health, well being and happiness is at the core of my dedication to individuals and I really make it my mission to help them become more confident and feel good about themselves, inside out. My motto is quite simple, beauty starts within and where there is happiness, there is beauty.

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