Elize About ~ Aromatherapy

Many people who know me, especially my clients, also knows about my love for Aromatherapy oils. I have always been a great believer in it's benefits and what essential oils can deliver for overall well-being. Essential oils have long been used (for centuries as a matter of fact) in therapeutic, spiritual, hygienic and ritualistic purposes … Continue reading Elize About ~ Aromatherapy

Elize About ~ My new favourite skincare essential

This is seriously one of my latest favourites! I was lucky enough to have access to the prelaunch items before the official launch later this month 🙌🏼. Unlike other skin cleansing devices I have used over my career, this one most definitely tops them all. It has a silicone head, is completely waterproof (although I … Continue reading Elize About ~ My new favourite skincare essential

Elize About ~ This autumn’s favourite gel colors

Many people don’t know that I have an extensive background as a nail technician. I trained with #nailsystemsinternational many moons ago. I used to love creating beautiful nails from scratch! Some years ago I sadly discovered that I am unable to continue doing nail extensions owing to a number of negative reactions I was having … Continue reading Elize About ~ This autumn’s favourite gel colors

My therapy business rebranding

Hi all my lovely readers, I am so sorry for depriving you lately of my blog articles. It has been all with good reason. Since I went into being a sole trader of my own business things have been taking off by storm. I have been very busy with multiple projects (I don't even want … Continue reading My therapy business rebranding